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Franz Buhr

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Artigo em revista

Jung, Philipp Roman; Buhr, Franz. 2021. «Channelling mobilities: migrant-owned businesses as mobility infrastructures». Mobilities 1-17 Reino Unido. 10.1080/17450101.2021.1958250 https://

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Buhr, Franz; McGarrigle, Jennifer. 2017. «Navigating Urban Life in Lisbon: A Study of Migrants Mobilities and Use of Space». Social Inclusion 5 (4) 226 10.17645/si.v5i4.1105 https://

Capítulo de livro

Buhr, Franz; Desille, A.; Fonseca, M.L.. 2023. «Connecting places, connecting to place: migrants using ICTs for exploring Lisbon». in Migrations in the Mediterranean Springer

Buhr, Franz; Cocola-Gant, A.. 2023. «Tourism mobilities and urban change: geographies of transnational gentrification». in New Routledge Handbook of Tourism Geographies Reino Unido. Routledge

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