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Inês Boavida Portugal

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Miguel Leal; Inês Boavida-Portugal; Marcelo Fragoso; Catarina Ramos. 2019. «How much does an extreme rainfall event cost? Material damage and relationships between insurance, rainfall, land cover and urban flooding». Hydrological Sciences Journal 1-17 10.1080/02626667.2019.1595625 https://

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Encalada, L.; Boavida-Portugal, I.; Ferreira, C.C.; Rocha, J.. 2017. «Identifying tourist places of interest based on digital imprints: Towards a sustainable smart City». Sustainability (Switzerland) 9 (12) 10.3390/su9122317 https://

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Capítulo de livro

2022. «Future land use/cover change and tourism development: integrating land use policy and tourist decision behaviour». in Mapping and forecasting land use: the present and future of planning editado por elsevier. Elsevier

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