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Susana Cró

Artigo em revista

Cró, Susana Raquel; Martins, António Miguel; Simões, José Manuel; d, Maria; Calisto, e Lurdes. 2023. «Online customer reviews about security and its impact on hostel prices: the importance of human rights». European J. of International Management 21 (1) 28-54 10.1504/ejim.2023.132810 https://

Martins, António Miguel; Correia, Pedro; Cró, Susana. 2023. «Stock market reaction to the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine: an event study for the European tourism and hospitality industry». Journal of Applied Economics 26 (1) 10.1080/15140326.2023.2261756 https://

Martins, António Miguel; Cró, Susana. 2023. «Mayday! Mayday! The airlines stock returns are failing. Analysis of the impact of Russia–Ukraine war». Journal of Economic Studies 10.1108/jes-08-2023-0390 https://

Martins, António Miguel; Cró, Susana. 2022. «Airline stock markets reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak and vaccines: An event study». Journal of Air Transport Management 105 102281 10.1016/j.jairtraman.2022.102281 https://

Martins, António Miguel; Cró, Susana. 2021. «The Impact of Tourism on Solid Waste Generation and Management Cost in Madeira Island for the Period 1996–2018». Sustainability 13 (9) 5238 10.3390/su13095238 https://

Capítulo de livro

Cró, Susana. 2023. «Turismo regenerativo - potenciador do turismo cultural?». in Licenciatura em Turismo na Universidade de Évora 101-114 Portugal. RVJ-Editores

António Miguel Valente Martins; Susana Cró. 2022. «Panel Analysis of FDI Determinants in Tourism Industry Revisited». Routledge 10.4324/9781003155492-9

Cró, Susana; António Manuel Martins de Almeida. 2020. «8 Hotel and hostel location in Lisbon». in Tourism and Urban Planning in European Cities 134 Routledge