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Documentation Centre

Parede do IGOT com uma fotografia a preto e branco com estudantes em pé encostados à parede a ler livros com capas verdes

Scientific coordination of the Library: Prof. Jorge Malheiros
Scientific coordination of the Map Library: Prof. Jorge Malheiros and Prof. Francisco Roque de Oliveira
Scientific coordination of the Photo Library: Prof. Francisco Roque de Oliveira

Sandra Domingues
Filipa Jardim
João Ribeiro












The Documentation Centre of IGOT-ULisboa and CEG is composed of three documentary collections that support teaching and research: the Library, the Map Library, and the Photo Library, each with distinct scientific orientations. It aims to develop a policy of integrated document management, dissemination, and disclosure of information.

This service primarily supports the academic community of IGOT and the researchers of CEG. However, its doors are open to the entire University of Lisbon, other higher education institutions, and the general public.

The Documentation Centre undertakes the following activities:

  • Acquisition and documentary treatment of bibliography supporting teaching and research in coordination with CEG's research lines and undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum plans;
  • Preservation and conservation of bibliographic, cartographic, photographic, and CEG Archive holdings;
  • Support for research by internal and external users;
  • Dematerialization and diversification of bibliographic resources;
  • User training and reading promotion activities;
  • Actions to enhance and increase the visibility and social usefulness of the resources under its care, including the organization and/or support of exhibitions and book editions.