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EarthLab - Laboratory for Environmental Monitoring and Analysis

EarthLab - Laboratory for Environmental Monitoring and Analysis

The EarthLab is the CEG/IGOT infrastructure that supports advanced research and teaching in environmental data monitoring and analysis in the fields of climatology, geomorphology, hydrology, and biogeography, as well as in the interface with socio-ecological systems.

Coordinator: Gonçalo Vieira


The EarthLab supports laboratory classes, fieldwork, as well as the maintenance of observational networks framed within CEG research:

  • PERMANTAR Network for monitoring permafrost in the Western Antarctic Peninsula;
  • IGOT meteorological station;
  • Mountain climate network in Serra da Estrela (under implementation);
  • BeSafeSlide udometer stations.

It is equipped with the following tools: Drones and cameras for aerial surveys; GNSS and total stations for topography and geodesy; Multiparameter probe for water analysis; Equipment for sampling, characterization, and soil analysis; Rock drills; Meteorological data acquisition systems; Electronic equipment maintenance workshop.

Possibility of support for classes:

  • Analysis of coarse soil fraction;
  • Exoscopy of quartz grains;
  • Programming and assembly of dataloggers;
  • Topography;
  • Drones - technical characteristics and assembly.