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The Centre of Geographical Studies (CEG) is a research and development subunit within the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning (IGOT) of the University of Lisbon (ULisboa), endowed with statutory, administrative, and scientific autonomy.

Founded in 1943 by Professor Orlando Ribeiro, it is the main reference in the research and dissemination of geographical knowledge in Portugal and one of the most prestigious research units at the international level.

CEG's mission is developing research in Geography and promoting and disseminating geographical knowledge, aiming to contribute to the development of communities and regions, correct spatial planning, sustainability of environmental resources, and spatial justice, at various scales.

To achieve its goals, it has the following responsibilities:

  • Undertake fundamental and applied research and studies and promote the dissemination of results;
  • Edit and promote the publication of scientific and educational works;
  • Organize courses and scientific meetings;
  • Foster exchange with similar institutions, both national and foreign;
  • Prepare and provide bibliographic, cartographic, and audiovisual information in analogue or digital media relevant to Geography and Spatial Planning, within the scope of IGOT and ULisboa;
  • Support the training of new researchers.

CEG's scientific activity is closely linked to the teaching of Geography at IGOT-ULisboa, being carried out freely and with full respect for the ethics of scientific research, not accepting political, religious, or ideological constraints.

CEG may provide services and conduct research for public or private institutions, national or foreign, with remuneration allocated to the personnel involved and operational costs, following applicable legislation and the norms set forth by IGOT and ULisboa.