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Sus2Trans Project Closing Conference

Sus2Trans Project Closing Conference

06.11.2023 | 15h00 - 19h00
ISCTE - Auditório Ferreira de Almeida

The Sustainable Transformative Transitions (Sus2Trans) project investigates the types of decarbonization strategies that are most beneficial and feasible for society. That is, whose implementation has the capacity to induce transitions in several other sectors in addition to energy, such as mobility, construction, food and industry. This system transformation raises challenges for the development of countries and regions, which have become particularly pressing in a context of several disruptions (pandemics, wars, etc.).

The project combines theories of socio-technical transitions, innovation, and economic geography to investigate the possible directions of the low-carbon transitions and their transformative capacity. It also assesses the extent to which countries and regions are preparing to such transformation and identify the sectors that are leading or delaying change.

This closing conference presents the main literature-derived decarbonization pathways that have been identified. The processes and modes of these transformative pathways are associated with key technology and social innovations, as well as with the economic characteristics of the different regions. Patterns of transformation towards sustainable production and consumption already emerging at business level will be discussed and matched against the decarbonization pathways. The discussion also aims to unveil the intervention levers that can amplify the effect of transitions on the structural transformation at national and regional levels.