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PhD Integrated Researchers
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Jennifer McGarrigle


2006, Doctor of Philosophy, PhD in Urban Studies, University of Glasgow School of Social and Political Sciences
2002, Bachelor, Social and Urban Policy, University of Glasgow

Last publications

Journal article

Santos, A. S.; McGarrigle, J.; Barros, C.; Albert, I.; Murdock, E.. 2024. «Ambivalence and transnational intergenerational solidarity: the perspective of highly educated Portuguese women emigrant daughters». Humanities and Social Sciences Communications 11 (1) 10.1057/s41599-024-02704-3

Carlos Barros; Jennifer McGarrigle; Ana Sofia Santos; Isabelle Albert; Elke Murdock. 2023. «Solidarity Typologies in Dynamics Between Portuguese Emigrants and Their Parents». Human Arenas 10.1007/s42087-023-00368-0

Lea Molina Caminero; Jennifer McGarrigle. 2023. «Socio-spatial negotiations in Lisbon: Reflections of working-aged lifestyle migrants on place and privilege». Population, Space and Place 10.1002/psp.2613

Padeiro, Miguel; de São José, José; Amado, Carla; Sousa, Liliana; Roma Oliveira, Carla; Esteves, Alina; McGarrigle, Jennifer. 2021. «Neighborhood Attributes and Well-Being Among Older Adults in Urban Areas: A Mixed-Methods Systematic Review». Research on Aging 44 (5-6) 351-368 10.1177/0164027521999980

McGarrigle, Jennifer; Bruno Machado; Alina Esteves; Fonseca, Maria Lucinda. 2019. «Migrant Welfare tactics and transnational social protection between Portugal and the UK». Finisterra 112 23-43 Portugal.

Book chapter

McGarrigle, Jennifer. 2022. «Lifestyle Migration». in Introduction to Migration Studies 169-177 Springer International Publishing 10.1007/978-3-030-92377-8_10

McGarrigle, Jennifer. 2021. «The Locational Choice of Urban Lifestyle Migrants in Lisbon: Beyond Tourism Imaginaries». 105-124 Springer International Publishing 10.1007/978-3-030-77466-0_7

McGarrigle, Jennifer; Dr Rowland Atkinson. 2020. «Segregation». 119-123 Elsevier 10.1016/b978-0-08-102295-5.10315-4

McGarrigle, Jennifer; Fonseca, Maria Lucinda; McGarrigle, J.; Fonseca, M.L.. 2019. «Urban diversity, inequality and residential processes: the role of immigration in the socio-spatial organisation of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area». 313-328 Routledge 10.4324/9781351108478

McGarrigle, Jennifer. 2019. «The Socio-spatial Configuration of Muslims in Lisbon». in Muslims at the Margins of Europe editado por Tuomas Martikainen; José Mapril; Adil Khan. Leiden, Belgium. BRILL 10.1163/9789004404564_014


2021. «International Residential Mobilities». editado por Josefina Dominguez-Mujica; Jennifer McGarrigle; Juan Manuel Parre{\~{n. Springer International Publishing 10.1007/978-3-030-77466-0

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McGarrigle, Jennifer; Esteves, Alina. 2017. «Condições de Vida e Inserção Laboral de Imigrantes em Portugal: Efeitos da Crise de 2007-2008 ». Lisbon, Portugal. OM

McGarrigle, Jennifer; Fonseca, Maria Lucinda. 2012. «Modes of inter-ethnic coexistence in three neighbourhoods in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon: a comparative perspective ». Colibri

Malheiros, Jorge; Maria Lucinda Fonseca; Cristina Latoeira; André Carmo; Esteves, Alina; Mafalda Estêvão; Jennifer McGarrigle; et al. 2011. «Acesso à habitação e problemas residenciais dos imigrantes em Portugal». Lisboa, Portugal. Observatório para as Migrações