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3rd MOPT Conference: Advanced Spatial Modeling and Analysis

3rd MOPT Conference: Advanced Spatial Modeling and Analysis

09.05.2024 | 09h30 - 17h30
Sala de Conferências Jorge Gaspar (IGOT)

Since the 2nd Conference on Advanced Spatial Modeling Analysis (CASMA), we have witnessed the pervasive integration of interdisciplinary methodologies in geographical research including Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Data Mining, high-performance computing geospatial big data extraction, and complex spatial models. Also, there has been a notable integration of citizen-based science and participatory modeling helping collection, visualization, analysis, scenario building, and validation, thus supporting decision-making in land use and spatial planning. 

In this current context, we can ask “How are geospatial technologies contributing to advancements in sustainable landscapes, land use planning, and the creation of greener, healthier, and more equitable environments?”

The 3rd MOPT Conference: Advanced Spatial Modeling and Analysis aims to:

  • Foster discussions on theoretical and applied research in land use modeling in natural and urban socio-environmental design, and specifically for urban and spatial planning purposes.
  • Provide an overview of how theoretical and quantitative geographies are adapting to the technological revolution of AI, Data Mining, and Machine Learning, while addressing associated risks and opportunities.
  • Bridge the gap between practical problem-solving and curiosity-driven science.

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Cláudia M. Viana, Eduardo Gomes, Patrícia Abrantes

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09H30 | Welcome reception

09H45 | Opening session
Mário Vale (IGOT/ULisboa, President of IGOT-ULisboa)
Eduarda Marques da Costa (CEG/IGOT-ULisboa, MOPT Coordinator)
Cláudia M. Viana (CEG/IGOT-ULisboa, Organizing committee)

10H15 | Panel 1 – Exploring Intersections: From Land Change Modeling to Urban Neurobiology Mapping
Chair: Eduardo Gomes (CEG/IGOT-ULisboa)
Robert Gilmore Pontius Jr (Clark University, USA) - How and why do some authors claim their data and models are good?

11h15 – 11h35 | Coffee break

11H35 | Panel 1 - Exploring Intersections: From Land Change Modeling to Urban Neurobiology Mapping
Chair: Eduardo Gomes (CEG/IGOT-ULisboa)
Paulo Morgado (CEG/IGOT-ULisboa) - eMOTIONAL Cities project

12h30 – 14h00 | Lunch break

Chair: Jorge Rocha (CEG/IGOT-ULisboa, GeoModLAB coordinator)
António Monteiro (CEG/IGOT-ULisboa) - Modeling Vegetation and Soil Moisture Content in Atlantic Humid Mountains with Sentinel-1 and 2 satellite sensor data
Cláudia M. Viana (CEG/IGOT-ULisboa) - AgroecoDecipher – Tracing geographic land patterns through historical agricultural records and artificial intelligence
Patricia Veloza (CEG/IGOT-ULisboa) - Past and future land use land cover changes in wetlands landscape
Iuria Betco (CEG/IGOT-ULisboa) - Exploring Urban Features Sentiment Analysis through Explainable AI
Ana Louro (CEG/IGOT-ULisboa) - Bridging the potential accessibility with the realities of older people for Age-Friendly Cities in Portugal

15h40 – 16h00 | Coffee break

16H00 | Panel 3 - Sustainable Pathways: Integrating Land Use Models into Spatial Planning
Chair: Patrícia Abrantes (CEG/IGOT-ULisboa)
Peter H. Verburg (VU Amsterdam, Netherlands) - Land use Modelling for Land Use Planning (virtual participation)

17H00 | Closing session
José Luís Zêzere (CEG/IGOT-ULisboa, Director of CEG-ULisboa)
Eduardo Gomes (CEG/IGOT-ULisboa, Organizing committee)






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