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Kelli Silver


2016, Master, International Studies, The University of Oklahoma
2013, Postgraduate Certificate, The Types of Operations in Development Aid and Response Strategies, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro
2009, Bachelor, Political Science, The University of Tulsa

Last publications

Journal article

Silver, Kelli; Queirós, Margarida. Autor correspondente: Silver, Kelli. 2024. «The burden of high fare prices on urban inequality: A survey analysis of transport costs in Rio de Janeiro». Finisterra 58 (124)

Silver, Kelli; Lopes, André Soares; Vale, David; Marques da Costa, Nuno. Autor correspondente: Silver, Kelli. 2023. «The inequality effects of public transport fare: The case of Lisbon's fare reform». Journal of Transport Geography 112